Saturday, 28 March 2009


My friend, Mahani ask me to do step by step tutorial on how to do cartoon picture using frozen butter cream method. So, here it is...

1. I just trace the picture on my baking paper/wax paper.

2. You can do outline using black icing or with a melt chocolate.

3. Frozen the outline for 20 minutes or until it's hard. Don't put any cover on top of it.

4. After that, you can colour your picture using colours buttercream.

5. Make sure, it's all cover especially near the outline & smooth it a bit. If not, there will be bubbles.

6. Cover the buttercream with another baking paper & frozen it for 30 minutes or more.

7. When it's already hard, you can peel off the baking paper & put it on top of your cake. Be careful.

8. Sometimes, you also can do it with a background that have same colour with the cake. It's up to you.

Hope uols understand my step by step. Any question, don't be shy just ask away...heheheh..& Thanx to kak Suzinor 4 teaching me..


Lady Ila said...

wahhh..thanks share the tip...

chomeldvery said...

ur welcome..nnti yani upload resepi yg yani guna ye..tryla sedap dan x manis sgt..kdg2 mcm whipping cream cuma whipping cream lg ringa..sume kengkawan kat sini suka bc tu..

Luscious Cakes said...

yani...thanks for sharing this!! bestnye...i takyahla nak lukis freehand kan??? I cantry this later..bila free!


bebesgurl07 said...

is butter cream the only kind of icing to use what about store bought icing

Anonymous said...

Can I use anything other than waxed paper like greasproof or baking parchment?
Waxed paper is pretty hard to find here.
Great tutorial btw - the most straightforward in my view. Thanks.

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