Tuesday, 31 March 2009


Happy bday to you, Auni. Luv u so much. This time, I've try making ice cream cake for the first time in my life. Heheheheh.

I'm using choc sponge cake + nutty ice cream + whipping cream as the icing + pooh from bc. Ice cream cake have to be frozen always. If you want to eat it, you have to take it out and wait for about 15 ~ 20 minutes. For the next ice cream cake, i will put more ice cream into it. It's take about 1 boxes of ice cream just for this 7" cake. So, for all ice cream cake lovers, you can try this cake with your favourite flavor. You will love it just like me & my daughters loving it.


rizza said...

waaa melangkah lagi...ngan ice cream cake tu... syabas!!!

eiramalik said...

wahhh....syabas...kek aiskrim lak....nnt leh lah order...pas tu yg x leh tahan tu gambo kt atas kek tu...POOH....kartun kesukaan aku tu....waaahahahwahh

chomeldvery said...

tq kak wan & eira...kek ni ada org nk rasa, 1 time dgr dan cuba try...heheh..lain kali nk try kek vanilla plak dgn ais krim flavor lain..heheheh..korg try la..senang je

eira: ko suka pooh ke? patutla bantal nina tu poo...wakakakak

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