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1. Meringue Based Buttercream

Italian Buttercream: A cooked meringue made with a hot sugar syrup. ( Usually I use this type of bc because it's not too sweet & it's can hold any design)

• Swiss Meringue: A meringue made from whites and sugar warmed together over a bain marie. This dissolves the sugar.

2. Yolk Based Buttercream

• Pâte á bombe: Sometimes referred to as a French buttercream. A buttercream here is made with yolks and hot sugar syrup.

3. Butter Based Buttercream

Here you will find basic recipes ranging from only butter and powdered sugar to the incorporation of other ingredients such as cream cheese, melted chocolate, cream or non-fat milk powder. Sometimes shortening or an emulsified shortening is added for stability. (I'm not really fond of this bc because it's too sugary..)

4. Shortening Base Buttercream

Sometimes referred to as Decorator's Icing or Decorator's Buttercream. While this buttercream can be used for icing a cake, it is used mainly for decorations like roses and for piping borders and edging. Shortening has a much higher melting point making it suitable for those decorations needing a firmer look or handling. Since shortening does have a higher melting point, it will not have the same mouth feel as the above buttercreams, and can be very waxy to eat. If used for icing rather than strictly for decorating, butter and/or a liquid will be added for better mouth feel and flavour.

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